Bahar Cleaning Service

Company Information and Overview

Bahar Cleaning Service is a local carpet cleaning service in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They, basically, get a call from the customers, and they pick up the carpet from the location provided or customer drop the carpet to their place.

They are using automated machine cleaning and they got drying facilities in their company.

They have good facilities but insufficient no of costumers and very powerful competitors in the region they operate.

Challenging Points

  • Bahar was a new new company - they got very small reputation when we took over the digital compaigns.
  • Customer needs their capet within a day or two and most of the companies promise to fulfill it butfailed. It it difficult to convince costumers
  • It was extremely competitive market with really big players. They had the advantage of having database of the previous costumers
  • The prices were very competitive, if you somehow become popular in online ads, competitors would be hitting you by reducing prices!
  • Bahar Management wanted to see the result quickly, they wanted to enter to market fast and aggressively

Selling Platforms

They used to run ads in Facebook and Google as well as some local websites but the return was not as significant and desired as they expected. Their both Facebook and Google ROI was very low !


Since they operate by phone calls, running call ads for mobiles in Google and Facebook would be ideal. So we did !

With a good optimization techniques by the help of their previous Google Ads and Analytics data, we reconstructed everything in Google Ads. In a week, such a short time, the result was awesome ! They tripled their calls from customers with half of CPC (Cost per Click).

We also run regretting ads for Google which brought us the valuable visitors with return.

In Facebook, we also targeted their page followers as well as Instagram followers but this would not be enough. We run general targeting phone call ads as well as physical visit ads. They got the hit! they increased their sales by 8x ! No Exaggeration. And the cost was unbelievable. Les than 25% of what they used to pay per call!


The results are outstanding !

They become one of the most popular company in the region. According to their marketing manager, they were getting referral calls – their costumer was suggesting them to their relatives and neighbors and they were calling by themselves without seeing the ads.

Because of their success, competitors were increasing their ads budget

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