Sleepy Asia

Baby Diapers and Wet Wipes

Company Information and Overview

Sleepy Asia an eCommerce company which focuses on selling their products online more than offline. They are selling baby diapers and wet wipes. Their products are really in very high rank in quality-wise but their prices are very reasonable.

When they started doing business, there we no name of there products and they plan to announce their name throughout whole market and get a place in completion line to fight with big brands in the market.

Challenging Points

  • Sleepy was a new brand - nobody knew them
  • Since it's toddler products, it would be difficult to convince the buyers; all parents are very sensitive and finiky, especially when it comes to new product!
  • It was extremely competitive market with loyal customers to the brand; once they start useing a particular brand, they stick to it untill the end.
  • Sleepy Management wanted to see the result quickly, they wanted to enter to market fast and aggressively

Selling Platforms

They wanted to sell in the marketplace called Lazada as well as in their website. They also developed an affiliate website with Lazada where costumers will be redirected to Lazada. So in total, there were 3 platforms to sell.


Taking all the challenging points and market segment into consideration, we suggested Facebook ads (along with Instagram Ads) to Management. With integration of Facebook to their website we simultaneously run ads for both their affiliate website and marketplace.

We knew that the quality of the products were good with very reasonable price!. We determined the important points about the products as well their marketing goals from the marketing team of Sleepy Asia in the meetings we held.

After sharing the results of initial stage of the campaigns, the management was very happy and optimistic about second stage ads so they decided to go more aggressively.

We started sending more aggressive traffic to marketplace directly and through affiliate site with a better plan since we have a significant data in our hands and result were getting better gradually.


The results we outstanding !

They become one of the best selling wet wipes brand in the marketplace in 1 year! They were able to compete with the leading brands – they were even better than them during some periods.

Because us their success, some of their competitors changed their strategy as well.

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