Facebook Dynamic Shopping Campaigns

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Facebook Dynamic Shopping Campaigns

Facebook Dynamic Shopping Ads automatically show the right products to people who have expressed interest on your website by viewing or adding it to basket but somehow abondoning it. Ads will be shown in the Facebook and Instagram apps or elsewhere on the Internet.
Simply upload your product catalogue or product feed scheduled to uplad from your website and set up your campaign once, and it will continue working for you for as long as you want – finding the correct people for each product, and always using up-to-date pricing and availability.

Benefits of Facebook Dynamic Shopping Ads

  • With Shopping campaigns, customers can view and interact with attractive and engaging ads that give them a better sense of the product before they open the ad.
  • Increase the quality of your leads by featuring product information directly in your ads. Shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase on your site if they’re better informed before opening the ad.
  • Shopping ads use product attributes (that you define in your Facebook Product Catalog) to show your ads on relevant constumer. You can browse your product inventory directly in Facebook and create product groups for the items you want to.
  • Your Dynamic Shopping Ads will be shown only to people who interacted with those specific products.
  • Shopping campaigns can help you promote your online and local inventory. To learn about promoting your local inventory with local campaigns, check out this course in the Shopping learning path: Drive Shoppers In-store with Local Product Ads.
  • Shopping ads allow shoppers to view your brand’s products and details so that they're better informed before opening your ad.
  • Facebook dynamically updates the Ads to people related to your ads or campaigns

Our Method of Approach to Your Business for Facebook Dynamic Shopping Ads Management

Facebook Ads are the easiest ones to create and run but if you don’t know the important points, then it turns to be easiest one to loose so much money. It actually takes a lot of thought and analysis to drive consistent, profitable and high quality traffic to your website with the best suitable campaign type that will earn you more money than it will cost.

Understanding Your Business (Deeply)

We will first understand the nature of your business as well as your Marketing Goals to determine the optimum and most profitable campaign types for your Ads

Analyzing the Market and Industry

We will analyze the market segment as well as your competitors but not to copy them; to see what's happening in the market. (we strongly believe respectful competition so we are determined to fulfill it). We will be using all the tools available to analyze and discover in order to follow up the market.

Facebook Product Catalog and Feed

Every Facebook Dynamic Shopping campaign relies on a product feed that runs through Facebook Product Catalog before Dynamics Ads can show any ads. Hence, Product Feed is the data to drive better conversion to your Facebook Shopping Ads. We will install (or analyze if you have) the product feed in order to get optimized ads campaigns.

Product Segmentation

Facebook Dynamic Shopping Ads are run for only past product visitors to target your ads. Facebook uses the information and data in your pixel to determine which products to show an ad for. That's why it's important to setup your feed in a way that attract the customer to finalize the purchase. Hence, Product Segmentation takes crucial place and needs to be done precisely to bring higher conversion values.

Data Analysis and Optimization

The Campaigns that are most successful with Google advertising are the ones that their campaign data analysis performed and optimized. Our job takes the time and effort to analyze the data from your live campaigns, using your performance results to optimize every element of your account. We work on improving campaign and ad group structure while designing new ads to avoid "ad fatigue". Most importantly, we're using the data at the targeting method level to test new ideas and strategies that will maximize your ROAS and ROI.

Getting the Results and Sharing with You

Tools to Develop and Optimize Your Facebook Shopping Ad Campaigns

We will be using all contemporary and outstanding tools and software to run, develop and optimize your Google Ads Campaigns in order to make them profitable

We will be doing with you for your Google Shopping Ads

Conversion Tracking

We will install the conversion tracking codes on your website, or we’ll send the instructions to your developer to make sure the codes implemented properly.

We will be tracking the conversions which will be determined initially according to your campaign (sales, leads, traffic, etc.) and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

If we’re taking over the account in which preexisting campaigns where conversion tracking has already been installed, we’ll run thorough tests to make sure conversions are being tracked accurately.


As per our commitment to all of our customers, we will be regularly sharing all the date gathered by your ads without touching it !
Regular reports will be delivered to your inbox on a schedule which works for you detailing all the key performance indicators important to your short term and long term advertising goals.


Re-marketing is most powerful and effective advertising technique that allows you to show your ads to your previous website visitors only dedicated for them when they’re surfing on the web like other websites, blogs, news sites and social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Almost all of our clients see extraordinary results on their re-marketing campaigns, bringing qualified and profitable traffic back to their site to complete the conversion goal they want their visitors to take.

We will install and configure all necessary re-marketing tags, as well as manage the re marketing audience creation and segmentation.

Regular Feedback Meetings

Your participating, cooperation, input and feedback is very important crucial to both the short and long  term success of your ad campaigns.

We will communicate regularly to review  and discuss about performance and the strategies and re-shape the ads with your ideas for improving your campaigns.


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