18/12/2020 Ömer Seyfettin Ekinci

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (so called SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and frequency of the traffic come from search engines. Basically, it is the process to appear rank in high position in front of the user when a user search on the search engine platforms. It is also called organic traffic, direct traffic or unpaid traffic.


What is SEO Management

In order to rank in higher positions in search engine page results (SEPR), such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, certain implementations must be done according to the search engine’s determined requirements. In other words, you properly introduce your website and its content to search engines so then when a user looks up for what you have, search engine will make you appear for the user.

Just like human; it will be easier for you to introduce your friend to somebody since you know him or her. But you can’t properly introduce someone who barely you know to other.

The same concept is here; we are here to introduce your website to search engines professionally, so whenever any user search for what you have, you will appear in from of them for free.


What do we do in SEO?

There are multiple steps must be taken according to the search engine’s requirements. It is a dynamic and constant work must be carefully done. And it can never be completed! Since it is dynamic, it needs to be updated from time to time.


The answer is actually very simple. People change in time so then their mind. There are everyday new products, ideas, needs and inventions coming up and that’s why searching characteristic of people evolves. We are all included in this, including you, we are aware of it or not. So, search engines update their databases and algorithm according to these changes to adopt. As a result, we website owners have to adopt ourselves according to in order to not to lose the track!


Steps we take 

  1. Understanding Your Website: if we know each who we are, we can decide better in our life. Same concept is valid in SEO. We need to understand what you are, who you are, what you sell or promote, nature of your product or service or their function.
  2. Analyzing your Website: There are many commonly made mistakes in websites people think it is good to have. But by the experience, it appears that those mistakes will reduce the traffic and user experience in the website. Apart from this, there are some certain crucial rules Search Engines require to have or not to have. Before we start making SEO, it is another crucial action needs to be taken on.
  3. Determining your Audience: Once we know the point above, then we have to determine you target costumer or potential customers. How they make purchase? How they search in search engines? Who needs your products or service? And their demographics These will all give us correct guidance to increase the frequency and quality of the traffic
  4. Competitor Analysis: We need to see what other are doing or have done to be successful. It does not mean we will just duplicate or copy them. We will get the ideas and we will develop it. And actually, we don’t find copying ethical. And theses competitors may not be only online; there are very good and professional companies making offline business. We will be looking into them as well.
  5. Optimization: Last and most important step. Real Job! After gathering all the information needed, we will go for search engine optimization. There are steps for search engines when they crawl your website. According to this algorithm, we will make the optimization steps.
  1. Keyword Research: First of all, we will look up the commonly used search term or key words and categories them according to their monthly impression rates.
  2. Meta Title: According to guidance of search engines, we will create a sentence by using keywords to explain about your website or web page. It will appear in the search engine page results. Search Engines start to crawl your website by this expression.
  3. Meta Description: Longer explanation about the website or page. We will explain more in details by using keywords. This will appear in search engine result page as well – might be fully or partially. Search Engines crawl your website in details by this expression.
  4. Content: By the time passes after the initial crawling of the website by search engines, they will be scanning other parts of the content such as description of the products or services, FAQ, Contact US, etc. We will be analyzing and changing the content by using keywords as per search engines’ guidance.
  5. Images: Images are one of the most important but most commonly ignored part of SEO. Search Engines have “image” tab and they will be showing their images with optimization. We will be adding meta image title for the images by using keywords as well.



  • How long does optimization take?

It all depends on size and content of the website. Larger the website, longer the time.


  • What do you need from us to start SEO?

We will be needing your account access to the Search Engine Platforms such as Google and Bing and back-end of your website.


  • Is SEO one-time job?

Absolutely not. It is a continues and dynamic job. There are of course some procedures which will be done once but there is some other part have to be dynamically updated as per market.


  • How will I know SEO is working?

We will show and teach you how to monitor and see the effect and improvements to see organic traffic


  • How often SEO should be done?

It is difficult to set a site but we generally advice to check monthly for small and medium size websites. For larger websites, a proper forecast analysis needed.


  • Can we trust you?

Absolutely yes. All your confidential information, website data or any other details will be with us and won’t be shared or used with any other third party!


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